Branding a new era for Triathlon Canada

The sport of triathlon experienced significant growth in communities across Canada after Simon Whitfield struck gold at the sports Olympic debut in Sydney, Australia. Whitfield electrified the nation once again in 2008 with a thrilling silver-medal victory at the Beijing Games. The sport also broke into the Paralympic Summer Games program in Rio 2016, highlighted by Stefan Daniel’s silver-medal victory.

Record setting growth, new race distances and formats, so much good has happened for this relatively new sport in the Olympic/Paralympic program, however, progress had stabilized following the 2012 Games, and the sport was at a bit of a crossroads.

New faces in the office and on the playing field, new Board of Directors, new race disciplines, and new events, left one wondering…What was Triathlon Canada’s focus? Who does the organization truly represent? In fact – who is Triathlon Canada?

After taking time to pause and reflect on the organization’s successful foundation, Triathlon Canada was reminded by its stakeholders, we must respect our proud history, but it is time to move forward in an effort to build an even brighter future.

It is time for Triathlon Canada to be innovative, to be creative, and to be aggressive in its public outreach, to strengthen its relationships with its provincial partners to create one Triathlon Canada Nation.

It was time to launch a new era for the sport in Canada.

Working with the Taiji Brand Group and led internally by Chris, Triathlon Canada embarked on an extensive branding exercise in 2017 with the ultimate goal of unveiling a new look, a refreshed story, and culminating with a marketing toolkit and new Web site.

The Story:

As Canadians, it’s in our nature to run, swim and ride a bike at an early age. Our wide-open spaces and big water are made for it, so putting all three together just seems natural. It’s called Triathlon, and it’s in our collective DNA. Everyone can do it, and our athletes are among the world-leaders in the sport.

Triathlon Canada supports athletes in reaching the Olympic and Paralympic podium, but we also hope to inspire all Canadians who simply want to discover what they’re really made of. Because no matter where the start line is, we’re in it together — connected by a drive to defy our limits and a shared passion for the simple acts of swimming, cycling and running.

One Leaf. Three Sports. No Limits.

The Launch:

Chris led the launch of a new era for Triathlon Canada by rolling out its new brand while opening the doors with the City of Victoria and 94 Forward to its new offices in Victoria and a new National Performance Centre.

Government officials, community partners, alumni and current athletes gathered for the official opening while taking part in a uniquely designed mini-triathlon.

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