Canadian Centre of Sport Excellence


More than a decade after hosting the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, Canada Olympic Park remained the hub for Canadian winter sport athletes training to represent their country on the world stage. The facilities required upgrades, and expansion to accommodate more sports were required to ensure the road to the Olympic Winter Games continued to go through Calgary. Working with the organization responsible for managing the legacy of the ’88 Games, Chris launched a $260 million campaign that sought to create a Canadian Centre of Sport Excellence at Canada Olympic Park. The multi-pronged strategy engaged media and key stakeholders including all levels of government, executives from the nation’s summer and winter national sport organizations (NSOs), corporate Canada, athletes, and neighbouring residents to garner support for the facility and the vision. Though the final vision and expansion plans have changed from the initial launch to its current build-out, what is now WinSport and the Winter Sport Institute at Canada Olympic Park would not have come to fruition without the initial launch which garnered early funding commitments from all levels of government.

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