Whistler Sliding Center Legacy

It was supposed to be a time of nerves, excitement, and jubilation – the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games was just hours away. For athletes and support staff involved in the sliding sports, the mood very quickly grew somber as news of a fatal accident at the Whistler Sliding Centre made its way through the Athlete Village. Nomar Kumaritashvili’s death created a ripple effect throughout the Games, and beyond. For Luge Canada, who is not responsible for track construction or maintenance, the questions around the track’s safety became one they faced every time they were on home soil – to compete or simply to train – for years following the Games. Working with Olympic organizers, the Whistler Sliding Centre, and his sliding sport clients, Chris developed the strategy and messaging to address the lingering questions around the track and the safety of the sport. Today, the Whistler Sliding Centre continues to host world-class competitions, and new recruits are cutting their teeth in the sports of luge, bobsleigh and skeleton on its icy surface. A respect for Nomar’s fate and his friends and family remains at the forefront, while his love for the sport continues in the hundreds of competitors who post personal bests on the track.

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