WestJet’s 12,000 Mini - Miracles Day


WestJet always finds a way to perform a miracle or two at Christmas.

But this year was different.

Led by Santa dressed in blue pants, jacket and hat, thousands of WestJet employees hit the streets in 13 cities and 40 airports around the WestJet world with the goal of performing 12,000 random acts of kindness as part of WestJet’s 12,000 Mini-Miracles Day – one for every member of the airline’s global team.

The variety of good deeds were endless, ranging from handing out free hot beverages to shoveling sidewalks, free trips, helping elderly with groceries, purchasing tickets to community attractions, paying parking fees, toys, handing out umbrellas, blankets and providing meals to charitable groups to name just a few.

WestJet’s previous three Christmas campaigns was supported largely by social media. Chris was brought onboard to drive awareness of the airline’s ambitious campaign in each of the communities across Canada where WestJet employees were active.

In addition to local media coverage, Chris embedded targeted national media on a WestJet Boeing 737 with Santa where the Big Man travelled coast-to-coast-to-coast during Mini-Miracle Day, stopping in major centres to lend a hand to his team of WestJet elves.

Starting with surprising a young family in Truro, N.S. at 5 a.m. with a vacation to Disney World, Santa’s memorable day included a trip up the CN Tower in Toronto, participating in a caroling flash mob on Stephen Avenue in Calgary, and dogsledding to a kennel in Yellowknife, before completing his journey by sliding into Ronald McDonald House with gifts for kids on the West Coast.

When all was said and done WestJet smashed its goal in media coverage while also performing more than 13,000 mini-miracles.

The entire mission will also be managed from the Command Centre at WestJet’s headquarters in Calgary.

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