We Push Stuff – Bobsleigh Duo Seeks Push to Podium

With a goal of capitalizing on the excitement and interest of an Olympic year, Chris developed a unique video project strategy with Olympic bobsleigh athletes Jesse Lumsden and Justin Kirrips in an effort to further showcase their sport to Canadians, while also attempting to raise additional personal funds and opportunities for the athletes’ quest for the podium.

Working with a Calgary-based production company the 30 and 60 second video spots are called “WE PUSH STUFF!” Following a successful media launch the videos were driven through social media and picked up on major media outlets during bobsleigh broadcasts.

Building on the premise of athletes’ need for support, the video, which is loaded with creativity and humour, is designed to inspire individuals and corporations to partner with the athletes in their pursuit of the podium. As you will see, the storyboard opens with Justin and Jesse meeting a professional recruiter looking for work in our national team race suits and ties, which sets the tone for the ensuing hilarity where they try their hand at doing everything from office mail delivery to hospital orderlies.

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